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What is a Licensed Home Child Care setting?

Home child care providers provide child care in their own homes and are contracted by Etobicoke Home Child Care Agency licensed by the Ministry of Education. Providers offer care for infants to school aged children including all day and before and after school care while accommodating flexible hours.

What is the difference between someone who provides private/unlicensed care and a licensed Home Child Care Provider?

Unlicensed child caregivers are not monitored or inspected by the Ministry of Education and City of Toronto, Children’s Services. Whereas licensed Home Child Care Providers are government regulated and inspected to meet required standards. They are also provided with ongoing support and professional development opportunities from their home child care agency.

What advantages do parents have when choosing Licensed home child care?
  • There is a smaller group size so children receive more one-on-one interactions with the Home Child Care Provider and other children in care
  • Children can be placed with their siblings
  • Flexible hours of care
  • Home Child Care Providers are regularly monitored and supported in areas like health and safety, quality programming, and meal planning
  • Home Child Care agencies monitor and ensure that government standards and regulations are being met in the home child care setting
What area/locations does Etobicoke Home Child Care Agency provide home child care in?

Etobicoke Home Child Care Agency services Wards 1, 2 and 4 in the City of Toronto. For more specific location inquiries, please contact us at 416-746-7101 or

How would I know my child is safe in a home child care setting?

Etobicoke Child Care Agency has Home Child Care Consultants that screen and regularly monitor Home Child Care Providers affiliated with our agency. There are both announced and unannounced monthly home visits conducted by the Home Child Care Consultants to ensure health, safety and all required policies and procedures are in place. Additionally, the Ministry of Education and City of Toronto conducts annual inspections of our agency and select home child care locations during the licensing process to ensure government standards and regulations are being met.

Prior to opening a home child care setting, the Home Child Care Consultants check that the home is safe based on a number of requirements and procedures. It is our priority that both Etobicoke Home Child Care Agency’s Staff and our Home Child Care Providers work in partnership with parents/guardians ensuring that the health and safety of each child is our primary priority.

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